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Provided services

As a result of our long term collaboration with our acquisition partners and buyers, we manage to provide to our customers the following services:

Collection, selection and export of milk calves

Since the foundation of the company, trading with milk calves was a very important business area for our company. As a result of that, we managed to export during the year 2014 to Poland an average number of 1100 males and females milk calves per month from different crossbreeds like Simmental, Limousin, Charolais and Blue Belge.

Collection, selection and export of young bulls and heifers for fattening and growing

Bulls and heifers for fattening and growing is also a business area where we are active. Our company sold cattle for fattening and growing to the markets and importers from Croatia and Greece.

Collection, selection and export of slaughter bulls, heifers and cows

Our company is providing various males and females crossbreed cattle for slaughter to clients from Albania and Greece. We could also provide cattle carcass under certain conditions and in collaboration with our collaborators from different slaughterhouses.

Collection, selection and export of milk heifers

Trading with milk heifers is another business area of our company which knows constant development and appreciation. At the moment the main breeds for milk exported from Romania are Holstein and Simmental/Fleckvieh cattle.

Import of cattle to Romania on demand

We are constantly searching for good quality and heavy slaughter bulls and cows for the Romanian market at the best prices and we import also milk heifers from other countries on demand of our Romanian customers.

Housing and quarantine services for companies, which transit our country and would like to export cattle from Romania

Our company provides for romanian and foreign customers, who want to export cattle from Romania quarantine and housing services for their cattle at the best prices.


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