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About us

Europeenne Sibiu Offices

Our first company, "Europeenne Sibiu s.r.l.", was established in the year 1994 and was one of the first companies in Romania which traded live cattle for different purpose, like breeding, growing, fattening and also for slaughter.

From the beginning of the company, the founders managed, as a result of the good services provided to their clients, to export live cattle in different countries from Europe like Spain, Germany, Italy, Greece, Croatia, France and other countries.

As a result of the quality cattle and services provided to our customers over time, we managed to export an average number per year of 11000 to 14000 milk calves, young bulls and heifers for fattening and growing, cattle for slaughter and milk heifers for breeding.

Starting with the year 2010, the future of the company was assured by the successors of the founders, who managed to develop and grow the business by creating a company group build by "MB Group Sibiu s.r.l.", which concentrates its activity in the export area of cattle and "Europeenne Sibiu s.r.l.", which has the main activity in the business area of quarantine and housing services for cattle. Furthermore the new management of the company also managed to expand the business of the company by establishing new contacts and started to export to other countries and clients from Israel, Albania, Poland, Croatia, but also kept good contact to the existing clients.

Our team, together with our collaborators try to fulfill our goals for the future, like continuous development and growing of the business, which means to build trust worthy partnerships with future clients, to offer the best trading services and quality cattle or products to our customers and as a result of that, to assure our clients of our full support and commitment.


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County Sibiu – Romania
004-0743935888 (mobile)